What we can do for your piano


A unique blend of art, craft and science employed to manipulate tuning pins and strings into stable pitch.

In-home repair

Restoring function to broken, damaged or worn-out mechanisms.

Keyboard and action adjustment:

Known as 'regulation'  in piano parlance.  In order to compensate for wear and compression of a piano's many soft felt, cloth and leather cushions after many hours of play.  The typical upright piano action has over 25 points of adjustment and the typical grand piano action has over 35 points of adjustment.


While tuning adjusts the pitch of a piano's strings,  voicing adjusts the piano's tone.  The best tone for your piano is the tone that you like!  We employ many techniques to bring out the widest range of tonal color at all dynamic levels for your piano.

Touchweight analysis and correction:

Employing modern touchweight metrology to scientifically balance the keys and action, minimizing excessive weight and resolving excessive friction at all 'rub' points within the action's system of levers.


'Reconditioning'  for pianos with modest wear-and-tear, where the goal is to restore playing function as well as possible while maintaining as many of the original parts as possible;  or ...

'Rebuilding'  where the goal is to restore playing function to original or better condition, involving comprehensive parts replacement and meticulous reconstruction of the resonant structure (soundboard, bridges, tuning pinblock).

Humidity Stabilization:

We supply and install complete Dampp Chaser Piano Lifesaver systems for grand and upright pianos.  In order to minimize the overwhelming drying effects of institutional HVAC systems, we are pleased to offer discrete custom-tailored fabric bottom and top-side grand piano covers.  These covers remain in place at all times but are easily removeable for access while the piano is being serviced.